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Hatting A/S is Europe's largest producer of boar semen for artificial insemination (AI)

Denmark is known all around the world for the export of first class pork. Behind this pork export is a large and efficient swine production – and it is here Hatting plays a major role. More than 70% of all Danish pork is produced using boar semen supplied by Hatting. Hatting has its head office in Hatting near Horsens in Denmark - but has departments across the whole country. Hatting has around 280 employees and the company has an annual turnover of around DKK 47,3 million Euro. Boar semen accounts for around 2/3 of the sale and sales of other products 1/3.


Unique gene material

According to many experts, Hatting has some of the world's best boars at its disposal. Boars whose gene material ensures the largest and healthiest piglet litters with the qualities which swine producers, abattoirs and consumers demand - such as pork with a specific low fat content. Hatting has over 3,200 boars at its disposal and sells around 5,4 million semen doses a year.

Semen is collected from boars on average 1.5 times a week. The boars are under an intensive veterinary control program. A single semen collection is subdivided into around 35 doses containing around 2 billion semen cells in each dose.


Quick purchase products

Hatting in addition sells a wide range of Farm Supplies. Hatting has a special range of Farm Supplies for stable operation. These include insemination activities, cleaning equipment and disinfection agents. Hatting has around 2,400 items and supplies semen and Farm supply across the entire country, in our own vehicles equipped with climate controlled cargo areas.


Know-how and advice

Hatting finally supplies advice and know-how on insemination and related areas. Hatting contributes to the financing of research and development within the artificial insemenation area.


or further information and contact please contact:

Director Per Nyby Pedersen e-mail pnp@hatting-as.dk telephone 7015 9909